Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week Day 1 and 2

This week is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Growing up with a mom who is a teacher, a dad who was a teacher for a while and an aunt and uncle who were teachers I know how little teacher's can sometimes be appreciated. Sure they get summers off(if they don't teach summer school, which many do now days), but what so many people do not understand is how much work teachers put in that they do not get paid for. My mom is a special ed teacher and the amount of time she puts in doing paperwork astounds me. It's not just simple grading of papers, for her she has IEP's(Individual Education Plans) which require more paper work than most CEO's ever touch. And with the No Child Left Behind act it is 10 times worse. She says she still loves her kids, but cannot stand all the red tape they have to deal with anymore.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week I am making gifts for my kids' teachers and for 2 other teachers that I help with folders and copies. Every year I say I'm going to make them something for everyday and this year I actually planned ahead enough that I can pull it off. In addition to this our teachers at Shepard are being SPOILED this year. Every day there is a full lunch being provided. Each grade is responsible for a day. Yesterday was fried chicken. They also have Mexican, Baked Potatoes and Soup, Italian, and BBQ. Wednesday after school the 5th grade is in charge of an Ice Cream Sundae bar.

Yesterday I gave them cute little post it note holders. I took an acrylic frame, added some scrapbook paper to it and the post it notes. I will most likely be adding these to my Etsy shop next week. If you are interested in one, just let me know. They will be $5.00.

These were for my kids' teachers. When I sell them, they will include the little tag/bookmark and the clothespin. Great for an end of the year gift, new job gift, or a just because gift.

These are for the 2 other teachers I help. I might have to make me one, the more I look at them, the more I think I NEED one too.

For today's gift I decided to spoil them with a little chocolate. I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew right away I wanted to do it for the teachers. Besides, who doesn't love S'Mores!!???

It includes the fixings for s'mores and directions for fixing them in the microwave. I had to test one out to make sure it was edible. Aside from getting chocolate everywhere it was YUMMY! The toppers say "We need S'MORE teachers like you!"

If you have a child with a wonderful teacher send in a little gift or note this week letting them know how much you appreciate them. If you know a teacher thank them for their hard work. If you are a teacher, THANK YOU! I know I do not have the patience to be a teacher, it takes a special person to be a teacher.

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