Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I am:

  • working on senior picture stuff for my brother and a couple of his friends. Love seeing these kids all grown up, but also makes me sad. 
  • working on baseball pictures. Trying like crazy to get them caught up.
  • very tired. Did leave the baseball fields until 9:50 last night. Dart FINALLY got his hit. He is so happy!
  • dealing with crazy allergies. This year has been worse than I have ever experienced, my eyes and nose usually are what's effected most, with a little bit of a headache. This year it has also bee scratchy throat and ears. 
  • happy with the final four in Celebrity Apprentice. I would love to see John Rich or Meatloaf win, but now that Star is gone, I don't care who wins!
  • getting excited to see who makes it to the final four in Biggest Loser. 
  • loving The Voice. Anxious to see how the show goes on now. 
  • looking forward to a night at home with nothing to do. Last week we were not home before 8:30 any night and I'm looking forward to coming home after Audrey gets done with Art Club tonight and being done!!
 One of my favs of my brother's Senior Pictures. So excited he's coming to Mizzou next year and will be in town. Audrey is beyond excited that she will have Uncle so close. I'm sure she will think she needs to see him daily. Those 2 are so cute together. I love the relationship they have.

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