Monday, May 16, 2011

Gifts for the Grad

In honor of my brother's graduation later this week most of my posts this week will be about him or graduation. I can't believe he's graduating. I'm sure I will be a crying fool. Since my son says I cry at every commercial that comes on, I know I will be crying at this.

Today lets talk gifts for the grads. I'm sure the most common and easiest gift is cold hard cash!!! Or gift cards. What grad wouldn't love money. Works perfect for high school or college grads. However, if you are wanting a little something extra to add to their gift or want something other than money I have a few suggestions for you.

In my family it is custom for the grad to receive the Dr. Suess book Oh, the Places You'll Go! It is a great book for the grad. I still have my copy that my grandma gave me. I believe I was the start of this tradition and plan to continue it for a long time.

I remember when I went to college computers were not something most of us had in our rooms, we used the lab. Today I would be surprised to walk into a dorm room that didn't have at least 1 computer in it already. Most likely that computer will be a laptop. Great gift idea would be a nice case/bag for their laptop. Etsy has some amazing bags/covers in all price ranges too. One of my favs for either a boy or girl, high school or college grad is this case. Don't forget there are also tons of cases for e-readers and ipads as well.

Other ideas:
This adorable necklace featuring the words dream big would be great for a girl.
For the grad getting ready to hit the real world, these pens would look great in that new cubicle!
Another idea for the grad getting ready to join the corporate world, an amazing looking business card holder.
Don't forget things like towels and bedding always work great for both high school and college grads.
Other home items are great for the college grad getting ready to move into their first place.

Etsy is full of amazing things that would make the perfect personalized gift for your grad. If all else fails find a cute card to put that cash in.

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