Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

I wouldn't mind the rain so much if say I were in London for the Royal Wedding. I think my invite must have been lost in the mail! Haha! We have had rain for I don't know how many days now. I'm sick of it, the kids are sick of it, and I'm pretty sure the ground is sick of it as well. Although I am extremely thankful we were not hit with the tornadoes other parts of Missouri, especially the St. Louis area were hit with. Seeing the pictures of the MO-X van dangling over the edge of the garage was a bit scary. Thankfully all the MO-X Supermodels were safe in Columbia. For those who are not Como natives, MO-X is a business here in Columbia that offers rides to St. Louis and Kansas City for the airports. In the commercials they feature Doc and Norm and the MO-X Supermodels!!! Very cheesy but fun commercials.

I spent the weekend at home working on a few projects. I have a huge card order to fill and a banner order. Also worked on my brothers Senior Pictures and baseball pictures. We have had 2 canceled games in the last week so hopefully I can get caught up on them soon.

My baby brother, all growed up and graduating. I'm so not ready for this at all. I can't believe it's time for him to graduate. Such a handsome and good kid.

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