Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Banners, Branding and Books

Working on lots of ideas for some different banners. Here is the latest one that I'm excited about. I think this would be so much fun if you want more than 1 flower girl. Instead of dropping flowers that someone then has to go clean up, how about a banner that says "Here comes the Bride". This banner can be made reversible so that when the flower girls walk back down after the ceremony it says "Mr. & Mrs. LastNameHere". Of course you could also have it as a 2nd banner that someone at the front could give the flower girls before they walk back down the aisle. The great thing about this banner is you could then use the personalized side at the reception on the head table and also it could then hang in the newlyweds home. Of course this could be made to match wedding colors.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about branding for Pink Owl. I want it fairly clean and simple, since that's me. I had an aha moment today while driving home from taking the kids to school so hopefully now it will all start to come together. Of course this would happen when I have lots of other new ideas rolling around in my head and a BUSY evening.

Does anyone know of a good place to get custom digital books made? I'd love to design my own photo book for baseball this year and know others who are interested in it, but I need a good place to get them printed. I know Shutterfly and all those places offer photo books, but I want to design all the pages and stuff myself. I'd also love to offer this as an item/service.

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