Friday, April 1, 2011

34 before 35 update

A new month on the calendar...another update on my 34 before 35 list. Here is the original list

4) Have at least 100 sales in my etsy shop-Had 2 sales for 5 items! Have a total of 10 sales so far.

5) Have 75 followers on my blog-Up to 13 according to blogger. Not sure how many read in other ways.

6) Maintain 50 items in etsy shop!-Have 22 in there now and 2 card sets ready to list. 

7) More Sewing-Made a rag quilt this month and have another ready to be sewn.

10) Declutter!!- Lots of stuff to goodwill. I mean a LOT of stuff. Did a purge on scrapbook stuff as well. 

11) Be proud of me!-March was a tough month for whatever reason, but I am proud to say that I ended a volunteer relationship that was not a good one and I am very happy about that.

12) Read more creative/biz books-Started "The Gifts of Imperfection" also did a lot of online reading and podcast listening.

13) Learn to design more in PSE-Created some templates for cards and stuff in PSE. 

14) 3 bottles of water daily-Really Good
 16) 10 custom orders; banners, books, cards, etc-2 banners and a set of cupcake toppers. 7 custom orders so far!!!

23) Clean EHD-Doing really good. Having lots of fun too!!

27) Read at least 1 fun book a month-Listening to Eat Pray Love so I'm counting it as my fun book for last month.

I also decided that because I read something on the internet recently that really helped me understand the whole exposure thing on my camera I am changing number 8 which was read Understanding Exposure to learn a lot more about detail coloring. I know that might sound kind of crazy, but I have seen some amazing coloring with colored pencils and water color pencils that I really want to learn a lot more about it! I LOVE my colored pencils.


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