Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update Day

A new month and a new update on my 34 before 35 list . I'm only going to update those that I made progress on, so if you want to read the entire list check out the original post.

Here is my list of 34 Things I want to do before I turn 35!
4. Have 100 sales in my Etsy shop. I've got 2 so far! Another order this month. 2 banners in the order.
5. Have 75 followers on my blog. Working on some fun things for the blog this year. 1 more follower this month. It was a rough blogging month though.
6. Maintain 50 items in my Etsy shop. I have so many things I want to make and hopefully it will be hard to have 50 items in my shop all the time because hopefully things will be selling! I have 21 items in there now and 2 that are ready to go up today or tomorrow.
7. Do more sewing. I want to make doll clothes, clothes for Audrey and lots of stuff to put in the shop. This was probably the biggest thing this month. I made 3 blankets(2 doll blankets and a rag quilt), 1 rag quilt burp cloth, and lots of doll clothes(3 shirts, 2 dresses, 1 pair of pants, a skirt and a headband). I have major sewing fever. Rearranged how my fabric was stored and can't wait to get back to sewing.
9. Create digital cards. Think the cards you get at Christmas. Great for birth announcements, birthday invitations, Graduation open houses, wedding save the dates and more. Got them printed this month and discovered some things that needed to be fixed so I got those done. Have a couple in the works.
10. Declutter. I am tired of all the junk we have. I have started with my scrapbook stuff and actually look forward to creating because I don't get caught up in the stuff. We totally emptied our storage unit and have gone through a ton of stuff. 6 bags to goodwill so far and will probably have a few more.
11. Be proud of me. I have always had a hard time when someone tells me I create beautiful things and I'm talented. Need to learn to accept it.  Going to be an ongoing thing.
12. Do more reading of creative/business books. I have a massive list of them to read. Reading Life Is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally Which is so far really good.
14. Drink 3 bottles of water daily. Mostly to drink less pop each day. I am a huge pop drinker and need to cut back. Doing much better with this. On my 2nd bottle for the day. Still having pop some, but not like I used to.
16. Have 10 custom orders. I would love to have more, but I really want to make more custom items for people. Be it banners, cards or scrapbooks, bring it on. WOW! This has been a huge change from last month. Already mailed 2 banners(1 person ordered 2) and have 2 that I need to finish(both orders came right at the end of the month so they go in that month). On my way to reaching this one.
17. Really learn the ins and outs of PSE. There is so many things I could do that I just haven't taken the time to learn yet. Another one that is going to be a constant ongoing thing.
18. Procrastinate less. I have been working hard on this. I am horrible at procrastinating and then doing everything at the last minute. My timer has become my best friend. Also picking out 3 things that I will get done before I go to bed each day has really helped.
20. Menu Plan. I HATE going to the store constantly to get stuff for dinner. I also would love to see us eat a little better and know that will help us with that as well. Yes and no. Having a blizzard at the beginning of the month, I planned well for that. Done a lot of lets see what we have on hand type thing so that's helped a little.
22. Add photo editing to the business. This one may not happen until later in the year, but I want to figure out how to do this at some point. Hope to have this finalized this month. Working on the nitty gritty details.
23. Clean up my external hard drive. It is a mess. So many things on there that are horrible pictures and on there multiple times. Makes me dread having to look for anything on it. We had a weekend where our internet was out so I attacked my ehd. It was a mess, but I have made huge progress. All pictures are sorted into the correct month, just need to go through them now.
24. Stay better caught up on pictures, editing and uploading. Upload to Shutterfly, Flickr and other spots. Also be better about backing up. Winter pictures on dvd this morning and in external hard drive already. Did better uploading things I made to Flickr and Facebook.
27. Read 1 fun book a month. I love to read, just have a hard time making time for it. Hopefully this will force me to read more. Read L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton. Not one of my favorites of hers, but it was still good.
30. Send more cards. I really want to do more with giving friends birthday cards and just send cards in general. Imagine how much happier we all would be if in the midst of bills and junk there was a card just to let you know someone is thinking about you. Did send a couple.
34. Do more to encourage Handmade Items!! I don't care if it's jewelry or cards or what, I just really want to do more to encourage buying handmade. Had a couple of friends husbands who I encouraged them to check out Etsy for the wives Valentine's Day gifts. Both found something and ordered from there and their wives were very happy with what they got. Both said it was a million times better than flowers or chocolate. 

Another update I wanted to do last week, but was waiting for the final letter to come. My brother is FREE TO RUN AGAIN!!!!! He had his stress test last week and when they were there he was told all looked good, but Friday they got the final letter saying he was released to run. Track practice starts today! Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts.

He is pretty proud of his scar. He said that next year when he's at Mizzou and the guys are painting their chests for games he will be the exclamation point since his is built in. It goes up pretty high on his chest too. At the top you can feel the metal they used to close his ribs up.

Throwing this one in just because it's so cute. They both think the other is pretty much the best thing in the world.

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