Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Daily catch up

Doing all the catch ups in 1 post.

Day 3
sneak peak of a banner that will be on etsy soon.

our special tree topper. A star at the request of Audrey and our "angel" the hat belonged to our angel Dakota.

Dart and his new ornament this year. Snoopy!!

Audrey with her new ornament. A mouse drawing, since that what she is always doing.
Day 4

My sweet girl. Spent lots of time playing Little People. And watching movies.

Books I picked up from the library. Jingle Bells, Batman Smells for Aud and I to read before we see the play.

The only present we have under our tree. He has been an excellent kitty with the tree. Has done nothing to it.

Cute boy working on his homework. He loves to get it done Friday night.\
Day 5
I love our holiday card holder. Got it at Walmart years ago.

She spent the day watching movies and putting together puzzles.

Lots of projects sitting on my desk.
No picture of Dart today because he was/is at his best friend's birthday party. They went to Minor Mike's at the Lake of the Ozarks and then were having a sleepover. I think his mom is INSANE, but that is one of the reasons I love her. 4 boys, not thanks. She did ask to take insurance cards with her because she had 3 of the most accident prone kids with her, including Dart.

Had a wonderful down kind of day. I did a lot of decluttering of my scrap stuff and have it listed on craigslist. Hope it sells soon. Have several projects I need to get finished up and need to get some Christmas gifts made. Hope everyone had a great Saturday.

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  1. Love the pictures, thanks for sharing! You have the cutest kids! The remembrance of Dakota at Christmas is touching; we put up a stocking for Andrew every year.


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