Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Card Sets

If you are still looking for gift ideas for teachers or friends, I'd like to suggest card sets. I think I featured them on the 25 days of Handmade Gifts, but just in case you forgot or didn't see them. Giving cards is like giving 2 gifts in 1. Think about, you give your friend/teacher a set of greeting cards, they then are able to turn around and use the cards to give to a friend, etc. We all have a ton of "stuff" in our houses and most of us if we are honest don't need more knick knacks(besides that just means more to dust around), so giving cards is great. How many times have you rushed to the store last minute to buy a card and stood there staring at the choices. You pick a card out, read it and after repeating that process about 20 times you finally find one that will work. You go to the check out and hand over $5.00 for a card. Seriously card prices are insane(or at least I think so). And where do those cards end up 9 times out of 10, recycle box(well hopefully if they get thrown out that's where they go, not the trash).

Small square cards. Great for kids birthday cards.

Regular size birthday cards. Great for sending to a friend.

Small mix greetings. Great for anytime you need a quick card.

Small mix greeting. I think these are great for kids.
I love making mixed greeting sets to give to teachers and friends. Aside from not spending a ton on 1 card, you might be more inclined to send a Thinking of You card to a friend who could use a pick me up if you already had them on hand. Who wouldn't love to find a card in the mail mixed in with all the bills and junk.

If you are interested in ordering a set shoot me an email or convo me through etsy and we can work out the details. Regular size cards come with envelopes even. If you would like envelopes for the smaller cards we can work that out, they just don't mail well and so I don't include envelopes. That is what makes them great for kids birthday's, a gift you are handing a friend, or even to drop in someones lunch box.

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