Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 17 of 25 Handmade Gifts to Give

Day 17 brings one of my absolute favorite things about the Holidays...Nativity Scenes. I don't know what it is about them, but I have a major love for different Nativity scenes and I seem to like the non traditional looking ones. The only one I really own right now is the Fisher Price Nativity Scene and I LOVE it. It is traditional looking, but there is something so sweet about it. I think part of it is the look on my kids' faces each year when we get it out. Even Dart who is getting older still has that little shimmer in his eyes every year when we pull it out.

Some of my favorites on Etsy:

From Meadow Tea

How adorable is that? So many ways you could display it.

This is so different and can't be displayed in the house really, but still so cute for a little girl. Sweetstitchedthings

So simple and sweet from inbeccascloset

There are so many more that I LOVE!! My favorite though is one that my mom has that I remember using growing up. I remember everyday adding more "straw" to the manager so Baby Jesus would have a soft bed come Christmas morning when he would be added. My kids also love that one.

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