Monday, April 26, 2010

Make it Monday

So my Monday only has 52 minutes left in it and I realized I never wrote a post for the first Make It Monday. Had a bit of a crazy weekend, which included a call Saturday night from the mom of the son Dart was spending the night with. He tripped and hit the corner of her coffee table, while she was cleaning the cut up, he passed out on her. We are heading to the doctor bright and early in the morning. I'm hoping they will be able to give us some answers as to why this is happening(this is the 2nd time in a little over a month that he has hit his head, not major blows and passed out).

I do want to share a few things I made last week. Right now I'm sketching ideas for cards I want to make for Mother's Day gifts. I am also working on editing pictures I took on Saturday for a very good friend at her son's First Communion.

I love reading and usually have several books going at once, therefore I need lots of bookmarks. These however were not made for me, made these for the PTA President at my sons' school who is leaving us after this year. Her family is avid readers and unfortunately she didn't get the bookmarks...her daughters stole them before she could even claim one.

If you are working on something right now, leave me a comment, I love seeing what others are crafting.

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